Cellular Phone

Tablet & iPad Computer  Micro-Soldering Repair

The Quality of Our Screens

Makes a Huge Difference


-Excellent Quality work at very reasonable prices.

-AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Hawaiian Telcom utilize our professional services and refer their Customers to us for their repairs.

-We repair all models of phones including iPhone 6S and Plus, 6, SE, 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3s, iPhone 3,  iPad, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Sony and yes, even HTC.

-27 Years Experience in Hawaii repairing cellular phones ever since training at Honolulu Cellular back in the 80’s.

-Quality work using the best available quality parts.

-Quick turnaround, usually in about an hour.  Some devices are required to stay overnight if left later in the day.


Overlooked by the Hawaii Convention Center

we will be overtaken by a new high rise soon.

Our NEW Location coming in May/June 2017 @

Security Alarm Shop 705 Queen Street next to

Lex Brodie Gas and repair shop.

We operate under the philosophy of integrity

using wisdom of the ages to quickly diagnose

troubles and make repairs economical with

OEM (original) or the best parts available


Cellular Phone Repairs are still possible.

We don’t give up hope on troublesome devices!

However Newer Samsungs are becoming more

costly to repair so consider buying insurance.

Some services we’ve provided:


--SIM  Reader removal, resolder in new

--ALL iPhone & iPad Repairs

--OEM Galaxy S1 thru S7 Replacement Screens

--Charging Ports and Power Switch Problems

--Water and Liquid Damage Treatment

--Broken Speakers & Mics

--Unlock of most all GSM Cellular Phones

--Factory Unlocking for iPhones


--Repair of broken cell phone charging ports

--Replacement of power switches

--Replacement of Computer Board Capacitors

Professional Glass Replacement +Optical Glue

******  WATER DAMAGE******

This is what rices does to your cellular phone with SALT water damage. SINK, TOILET WATER ALSO.

         “things to know”

-salt water requires immediate attention ( best within 1 hour )

-rice causes corrosion to start destroying the phone at a faster rate WHEN SALT IS PRESENT. Fresh water damaged phones may work temporarily after rice treatment, however, phone will usually fail within 3-4 weeks.  WE RECOMMEND TREATMENT FOR LONG TERM USE.

-treatment service has a 70% restoral rate.

-remove the battery right away if possible

-treatment requires about 4 hours for complete service

-having a password reduces the odds you will retrieve all pictures and contacts SO WE RECOMMEND KEEPING YOUR PHONE BACKED UP AND LABEL THE PHONE WITH YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION IF USING A PASSWORD.





We Love to fix the easy stuff,

however, we specialize like no one else in Hawaii on the intricate and minute detailed repairs as  well.  Terence “Yoda” is the

Cellular (Level) Surgeon. Currently residing at the corner of Kapiolani & Atkinson

in the 7-11 Parking Lot across

from the Convention Center

Yoda 808-226-2929 performs

Precision Cellular Repairs

Kevin Sia 808-542-4272

doing computer repairs.